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Matador Denver
3496 W 32nd Ave | Denver, CO 80211
Phone 303.561.2855 | Fax 303.477.5378
Manager: Brent Allison

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The Matador family of restaurants is locally owned and operated in Seattle, Washington. We are dedicated to providing excellent food and beverages, and the highest quality service to our customers.

Zak Melang, Owner
A restaurant and bar veteran, Zak began his career in his native state of North Carolina. After moving west, Zak quickly made his mark on the Seattle restaurant scene, spending time managing the landmark Floyd’s Place restaurant and he was a partner in opening sophisticated 10 Mercer in Seattle’s lower Queen Anne. Drawing from his experience, Zak followed his passion for Tex-Mex and tequila and partnered with Nathan Opper to found The Matador. Zak is an avid traveler and visits Mexico twice a year to stay in touch with the flavors of the region – this includes “researching” the tequila market to enhance the restaurants’ collection of more than 100 premium tequilas. In addition to his CEO responsibilities for Matador Restaurants, Zak is a talented artist and craftsman and is responsible for creating the restaurants’ alluring rustic style. He designs all the restaurants’ ornate tables and bar tops and builds them by hand. In his free time, he remains active in the local music scene, which originally prompted his move to Seattle.

Nathan Opper, Owner
A Michigan native and restaurant industry veteran since the mid-90s, Nathan managed some of Seattle’s hottest restaurant spots before teaming up with Zak Melang to open The Matador. Prior to the restaurant business, Nathan jumped into the construction industry at the young age of 15 and now draws upon his vast expertise to help with the architectural design and unique construction of each Matador restaurant. In addition to his COO responsibilities for Matador Restaurants and his dedication to new business development, Nathan – a self-professed Tex-Mex connoisseur works along side our Executive Chef Steve Linder to create the Matador’s eclectic menu.

Matador Denver, 3496 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211  |  303.561.2855  |  Hours: 11 am- 2 am